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Letter From NDBA President-August 2022

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The People Keeping Bees on Paris’s Most Famous Landmarks

THE STORY OF JEAN PAUCTON, the Parisian beekeeper, reads like a cross between a children’s book and an urban legend....

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NDSU research into bees’ winter survival could help sustain farms, ranches

FARGO — There’s a buzz at a federal facility at North Dakota State University, and it’s not just coming from insects...

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A beekeeper is a person who keeps honey bees.

Honey bees produce commodities such as honey, beeswax, pollen, propolis, and royal jelly, while some beekeepers also raise queens and bees to sell to other farmers and to satisfy scientific curiosity. Beekeepers also use honeybees to provide pollination services to fruit and vegetable growers. Many people keep bees as a hobby. Others do it for income either as a sideline to other work or as a commercial operator. These factors affect the number of colonies maintained by the beekeeper.

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Organization of Beekeepers that do business in North Dakota. Some are hobbyists and some are commercial. We sell honey, and pollinate crops, collect pollen and process bees wax. Some of us even make and sell hand lotions, lip balms,and candles.

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